Tips And Tricks For Doing Well In Snooker

Tips And Tricks For Doing Well In Snooker

Snooker is a very enjoyable game that many people play at the local pub, and everyone will play at a different skill level. Sometimes, these gaps can be larger than is sometimes considered fair, and you may struggle against a friend who may be better than you. However, we’ve put together some tips and tricks so you can hold your own against most players.

Take a step back, and look at the entire table

If you’re struggling during the match, and you can’t see an opening, the best thing to do is sometimes take a step back, take a deep breath, and calmly look at the table in front of you. The error that most players can make is that in a rush to perform well and do well, they often try to pot the most immediate shots, without considering there could be easier ones as well. Furthermore, can you make a shot that while it may not immediately go in, would it block off the other player from starting up a series of balls being potted. Sometimes just blindly potting the first ball you see isn’t the best way forward.

Try and apply some maths to the problem

If maths is something you’re good at, then you’ll be in luck. Because of how the balls and the table are designed, you can calculate where the ball is going to go dependant upon what angle you hit it against the sides of the table at. There are many principles in maths which can be applied to the game, and they may give you an advantage in a match if you can predict where your balls will come to rest.

Make sure you have the correct stance when playing

When playing the game, it’s important to make sure that you have the correct stance when you make your shots. Positioning your body so that you aren’t hampering your reach is important, and that you have the correct space behind you to make the right moves with the correct level of power is also quite important.

These are just a few tips and tricks on how to play snooker well, but hopefully, they’ll ensure you can play with some skill. If you need the equipment to play snooker, AS Pub Sports has a wide array of equipment that you can browse, to ensure you can start playing quickly.

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