Bull's Advantage 5.01 Dartboard bulls-advantage-db


The Bull’s Advantage 501 dartboard is Bull's competition board. The advantage is a dartboard which lasts for a very long time, because of the high density of the African sisal from which it is made of. Because of the high density of the sisal, it is being experienced as a bit of a harder board. This dartboard has beautiful paintwork and is very nice-looking, along with its white spider. The amount of bouncers on the iron remains limited because the spider lies deep inside the board. The surrounding of the Bull’s Advantage 501 Dartboard is made of plastic, which makes it look very decent.

The Advantage 501 board comes with the Clickfix bracket.

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About Bulls Darts

Bull´s Darts NL is an innovative and affordable brand in the world of darts whose products are all released by the company Embassy Benelux from ‘s-Gravenzande. As a brand we put a great emphasis on making sure our products easily available in most of Europe. We strive to make sure all dartproducts we bring on the market have added value for every dealer. Bull´s Darts NL has invested in intensive relations with leading suppliers and manufacturers worldwide for years. This means that we can easily adapt to changes and new developments on the market and can make sure that our own ideas can quickly be produced and realized.

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