Scoreboards, Dartsmate 3 Electronic Scoreboard


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  • Allows you to play 101 to 1001
  • Displays your current scores as well as legs and sets
  • Keep track of your ability with the recorded averages
  • Built in practise routines and solo play games

The dartsmate 3 electronic scoreboard is a must have for you darts enthusiast, this advance scoreboard allows you to play matches ranging from 101 up to 1001, quick and easy to set up simply input the game you want to play e.g. 501, the number of legs and away you go, don’t worry if you make a mistakes inputting your score it simple and easy to correct the previous inputted score, once you have hit that winning double the dartsmate will calculate you leg average and the automatically switch to the next game.


Dimensions (H/W/D) 190 x 265 x 25mm

Display size 20.8/14mm

Weight 710 g

Power supply 5v 200mA, Power lead supplied