Britannia Skybolt 1pc ASP1640S


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This full size, 57 inch, 3/4 cue by Britannia.

Stunning range of Britannia 8 Ball pool cues.

All cues are hand-spliced with the finest black ebony with 8 v¢‚Ǩ‚Äú 8.5mm high tensile, machined brass ferrules. Perfect for enhanced ball control on the smaller UK pool balls.

Each cue is a full length 57 inch and to ensure straightness and solidity we have only used the very strongest and stiffest ash available. Unique in this price range theyvǬ†provide a reliable solution to the demands of the increasingly skilled 8 BallvǬ†pool player


6 Inch Mini Included

Manufacture & Specifications

The Ash shaft hand spliced cue.

This cue features a solid brass ferrule and 8.52 tip.

Cue Length

57" (144cm) Full Size

Shaft Length


Butt Length





North American Ash



Butt Decoration

4 natural sycamore veneers with 4 lemon burl hand splices


vǬ†Yes quick action

Butt End Joint




ThevǬ†range incorporates a variety of exotic splice patterns, in 1 pc, centre jointed and vǬæ split models all of which include a valuable base of butt mini butt extension included in the price.

All joints and ferrules are machined from the highest quality high tensile brass for unwavering performance.

The tips fitted as standard are our new highly praised Grand tips, already being used by several professionals on the circuit.

Each cue is adorned with our stunning Mother of Pearl engraved Britannia Badge for a seal of quality.

Particularly useful feature with this model is the 6 inch mini butt will fit in the base of the cue to allow and additional 6 inches (15 cms) of extra reach. Very useful and stops you having to overstretch on those awkward shots.

The best bit is the Britannia cue includes this flexible, high quality 6 inch weighted mini butt in with the purchase price

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